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  • Whisenant & Associates Attorneys at Law
  • Whisenant & Associates Attorneys at Law
  • Whisenant & Associates Attorneys at Law
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Woodlands, Texas Family Law Firm Delivers Quality Representation

Broad legal background guides attorney's focused approach

Your family structure is based on more than emotion; there are also legal and financial relationships that provide security and promote your children's health and welfare. When frayed emotional ties threaten to undermine your family's stability and security, you need an attorney who understands the possible consequences, down to the smallest details. Since 2000, Whisenant & Associates has built a reputation as a comprehensive family law firm, capable of managing complex marital estates and unique custody and support situations.

Less than 1 percent of all Texas attorneys have demonstrated the high level of competence necessary to be board-certified in family law. Having earned that distinction, managing partner J. Thad Whisenant sets the tone for our firm's:

  • Commitment to quality: At Whisenant & Associates, we limit our caseload to give our clients the meticulous attention they deserve. We would rather pass on a case than provide anything less than excellent representation. Excellence means direct contact between you and the attorney managing your case, frequent communication, and goals to guide our strategy. We also keep costs under control by employing innovative paperless technologies for filing, billing and documentation.
  • Informed perspective: We understand that while emotions may precipitate family law disputes, resolutions must provide legal and financial security. Mr. Whisenant has a deep and varied background that comprises an undergraduate degree in finance and studies in insurance defense, criminal defense and business litigation. Our grasp of the big picture and our dedication to detail guide our comprehensive approach to family law litigation.
  • Pragmatic approach: We help you identify reasonable, achievable goals for your family law litigation and assist with the cost/benefit analysis of your various options. We always respect your privacy while keeping your best interests at the forefront of every discussion and steering you clear of antagonistic litigation that depletes your resources for little tangible gain.
  • Compassionate service: We recognize that each client and each family situation is unique. As parents and spouses ourselves, we understand the emotional strain on families in crisis. We tailor our service to address the full range of your needs.

At Whisenant & Associates, we strive for consistency: While each case is different, each client receives the same excellent service. We exclusively practice family law, enabling us to give your case the personal attention it deserves.

Addressing all family law issues in The Woodlands area and surrounding counties

Whisenant & Associates is adept at handling divorce, child custody, child support and property division. Whether you need orders entered or a prior order enforced or modified, a skilled attorney is ready to help you emerge financially and emotionally intact. Thousands of Texas families have turned to Whisenant & Associates in their times of need, and we would be honored to serve your family, too.

Confer today with professionals who can meet your family law needs

You have many legal options in The Woodlands area and the surrounding counties, and we would consider it a privilege to be the legal advocate that you and your family choose. Contact Whisenant & Associates at 281.681.8889 or online to schedule your initial consultation. Se habla español.

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