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Board-certified family law attorney J. Thad Whisenant leads a capable team of legal professionals at Whisenant & Associates. Since 2000, our firm has built an enviable reputation in The Woodlands area and surrounding counties for meticulous case management, firm advocacy and impressive results. Though we have received accolades in other areas of the law, our thriving family law practice has become our singular focus. When you come to Whisenant & Associates for your family law dispute, you benefit from our:

  • Commitment to quality: We provide excellent legal representation by limiting our caseload, communicating frequently and directly with you, closely studying the details of your circumstances and advocating persuasively on your behalf.
  • Informed perspective: Our varied background, which includes finance and other areas of the law, helps us understand the complete range of your needs.
  • Pragmatic approach: We work with you to identify and prioritize your goals for your family law litigation, so we can serve your best interests.
  • Compassionate service: We never forget that you are a unique individual. We are here to help you through a time of great difficulty and assist you in emerging from that time with a hopeful outlook for the future..

Our mission for the families of The Woodlands area and surrounding counties

At Whisenant & Associates, we have decades of experience providing capable and compassionate legal representation to Texas families in transition. Our complete family law services include:

  • Divorce: Whether you are seeking an uncontested divorce or need to litigate several of the ancillary issues, such as child custody, child support or alimony, you can rely on Whisenant & Associates to provide quality services. Since a trial is not always the best way to resolve a dispute, we pursue resolutions through mediation as a cost-effective alternative.
  • Property division: The foundation of your financial security after divorce is an equitable division of your marital estate. Justice in this area greatly depends on your attorney's knowledge of finance and experience with the divorce process. With an undergraduate degree in finance, J. Thad Whisenant has the resources and experience to help you through difficult and complex matters.
  • Enforcement and modification: After divorce, you or your ex may experience difficulty living under the terms of your divorce decree. When that happens, we can help you seek enforcement or a modification of the order. We have tremendous experience negotiating and finalizing divorce agreements.
  • Adoption: We take great pride in helping Texans expand their families through adoption.

At Whisenant & Associates, we build long-term relationships with our clients, so we can see you through your current crisis and continue to serve you in the future.

Experience the difference at a respected family law firm in The Woodlands, Texas area

Whisenant & Associates has worked hard to establish our reputation for outstanding legal advocacy. Call us at 281.681.8889 or contact our office online to schedule a consultation to discuss your family law matter. Se habla español.

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