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Attorney in The Woodlands Area Seeks Fair Spousal Support Orders

Fighting for your financial security under restrictive Texas alimony law

In Texas, spousal support is a relatively new concept. Texas alimony is limited in amount and duration, which is usually good for payors, but hard on would-be recipients. But no matter which side of the controversy you are on, an adverse court ruling can deal a blow to your financial security. Fortunately, the financial aspects of Texas divorce are the areas where Whisenant & Associates truly shines. With an undergraduate degree in finance and substantial experience in commercial litigation, board-certified family law attorney J. Thad Whisenant has the training, experience and acumen to fight for your financial future.

What are the types of spousal maintenance in Texas?

Spousal maintenance provides a short-term income stream when money is most needed. While many states provide for permanent alimony to equalize the standard of living between the ex-spouses, Texas does not. The Texas Family Code provides for the following:

  • Temporary spousal maintenance: To help the recipient spouse pay professionals' fees and meet other expenses from the time of the divorce filing until the final court order
  • Permanent spousal maintenance: To help the recipient spouse begin a new life or to provide ongoing support in cases of extreme hardship

Only qualifying spouses receive alimony in Texas

Texas family law requires a recipient spouse to qualify for alimony as follows:

  • The spouse seeking maintenance must lack sufficient assets to provide for reasonable minimum needs. One of the following must also be true:
    • The payor spouse must have had a negative adjudication for family violence during the marriage within two years of the divorce filing.
    • The recipient spouse is unable to earn sufficient income because of incapacity or the duty to care for a disabled child, and the marriage lasted at least 10 years.

Contact a law firm that understands finance for your Texas alimony dispute

The court has a tremendous amount of discretion in Texas when it comes to awarding spousal support. With Whisenant & Associates, you have a lead attorney experienced in finance and commercial litigation, and who can argue your case persuasively. To schedule an initial consultation, call 281.681.8889 or contact our office online. Se habla español.

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