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In most areas of family law, worry over financial issues takes an emotional toll. But in child custody disputes, it is your worry over emotional issues that takes a financial toll. In both cases, the capable and compassionate attorneys at Whisenant & Associates work to deliver peace of mind. After more than 20 years of litigation practice, we know how important it is for a litigant to set realistic and attainable goals going into negotiations or trial. As parents ourselves, we work closely with you, providing emotional support and legal advice to help you calmly assess your circumstances and prioritize what you need to accomplish. Then we implement proven strategies, tailored to your specific circumstances, to advance the best interests of your children.

What child custody arrangements does Texas law recognize?

Texas Family Code Chapter 153 sets out the different levels of conservatorship, the legal term for "custody" in Texas, as follows:

  • Joint managing conservatorship: The preferred vehicle for conservatorship in Texas, a joint managing conservatorship does not mean 50/50 child custody.
    • In terms of physical custody, one parent is the primary joint managing conservator (JMC) with whom the child resides. The other parent is the nonprimary JMC and has visitation rights, such as every other weekend, every other holiday and other designated times.
    • In terms of legal custody, or making important legal decisions, the nonprimary JMC provides input and the primary JMC has the final say.
  • Sole managing conservatorship and possessory conservatorship: The rights and duties of a sole managing conservator and possessory conservator are largely the same, but the terms are more difficult to modify than those for a JMC.

Texas law favors joint managing conservatorships whenever possible. Courts may adjust the terms to fit the circumstances of your divorce.

Parents have a duty to cooperate for the benefit of the child

Texas holds parents to a standard of strict compliance with their child custody orders. Interference with the noncustodial parent's visitation is unlawful, even if that parent is delinquent on child support or alimony payments. The court views attempts by one parent to alienate the child from the other parent as contrary to the best interests of the child and may order a modification of custody if evidence shows that has occurred.

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Whisenant & Associates provides invaluable advocacy leading to objective, rational solutions to child custody disputes. Contact Whisenant & Associates at 281.681.8889 or online to schedule a consultation. Se habla español.

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