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Family Law Attorney Assists with Adoption in The Woodlands Area and Surrounding Counties

Providing representation in actions to terminate parental rights

Adults who willingly accept parental responsibility and open their loving home to a child deserve respect and support. At Whisenant & Associates, our team wants your adoption to go smoothly and works to eliminate any doubts as to its legality, so you can rest assured that the child you have welcomed is a permanent member of your family. We understand the legal complexities of adoption and provide the reliable guidance and firm advocacy you need for your adoption to be a success.

What are the different types of adoption available in Texas?

Texas family law recognizes many different types of adoption, including:

  • Closed adoption: The adoptive parents and biological parents have no contact with one another and the entire process is anonymous.
  • Open adoption: The adoptive parents and biological parents have continuous contact throughout the child's life. Stepparent adoptions usually fall into this category.
  • Semi-open: The adoptive parents know the identity of the biological parents and know about the child's medical history, but the adoptive and biological parents do not keep in touch.
  • Domestic adoption: The child and adoptive parents are in the United States. Domestic adoptions may take place through an agency or between the adoptive and biological parents.
  • International adoption: Adoptions of babies from foreign countries are becoming more common. In these cases, the parents must readopt the child in Texas after completing the foreign adoption.

How much does adoption cost?

A domestic adoption, especially an agency adoption, can be less than $5,000 in many cases. A foreign adoption is more expensive, averaging at least $10,000.

A court must terminate parental rights prior to the adoption

Before you can adopt a child, the natural parents must terminate their parental rights, so they no longer have any legal claims to child custody or support obligations. The law allows parents to terminate their rights voluntarily when another capable adult is willing to provide for the child, but not to escape parental duties such as child support. When a parent refuses to step aside, you must petition the court. The court only intervenes when a parent has demonstrated behavior contrary to the child's welfare, such as:

  • Abandoning the child
  • Being convicted of certain crimes
  • Failing to support the child
  • Placing the child in a dangerous environment

In addition to representing adoptive parents, we serve biological parents fighting to retain their parental rights.

Contact a skilled family law attorney for adoptions and parental rights actions

At Whisenant & Associates, we offer practical legal solutions to adoption problems and provide court advocacy in actions to terminate parental rights. Contact us at 281.681.8889 or online to schedule a consultation. Se habla español.

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