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Client Testimonials

We aim high when it comes to client satisfaction

Receiving positive feedback from clients is very rewarding, and we are extremely grateful for the many cases referred to us by past and present clients.

Please take a moment to read what our clients have to say:

"Thad Whisenant's organizational skills and knowledge of family law were outstanding. It gave us the edge to win my case!" 

"Thad Whisenant has truly been a family attorney to my son and me. I know him personally and professionally and am more than trusting and pleased in his abilities and judgment. He will always be our attorney.  We appreciate his expertise and judgment and are pleased with the results. I can recommend him without reservation."

“Thad and his associates are top notch! I work with a lot of corporate attorneys and have hired personal attorneys from time to time and it’s important to find an attorney whose goals are in direct alignment with yours. After our first consultation with Thad, we felt his passion for taking care of children and his clients. Whenever we went to court we felt at ease because Thad was on our side and he was always very prepared. We highly recommend him.”

“I was in a family law dispute and was up against DEEP pockets but one appearance by Thad was enough to show the opposition that they were already losing.”

“[T]he law firm [was] very professional and they absolutely know what they are doing, informed on all issues. [A]lways have felt they are on my side looking after my best interests and keeping me informed as such. [T]hey have also been as efficient as possible to keep costs down. Thorough explanations are given and encouragement to provide the many things that are needed for them to do their job.”

Experience the difference for yourself

At Whisenant & Associates, we have worked hard to build our reputation by meeting clients' expectations and providing them with outstanding service and legal advocacy. Contact Whisenant & Associates at 281.681.8889 or online to schedule a consultation to discuss your family law matter. Se habla español.

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